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The people in the coffin sat up and were eager to jump out

People die back to evil that the north called "catch". Daoguang, there is a constant, a guest in the capital, he said, outside the security door, there is a just dead, the family worried about the day there are flaws, go to Mr. Yin and Yang to criticize the list. Mr. yin and yang found the date, but told them: "This is different from the usual, will be the trouble, even if the family migration, it is difficult to escape the disaster." He should come home to defense. "His family heard Mr. Yin and Yang said, very fear. To the day of the disaster, they found someone, put him at home to drink.

After eating and drinking, the family told him the situation. Some people are bold and conceited, there is no decline.

At night, someone heard the coffin covered with a ring, to the side of a look, the coffin cover has been opened, the coffin of the people sat up, is anxious to jump out.

Someone pressed him hard, the two stays for a night. Hear the chicken cry, the coffin of the talent corpuscles, and someone put the coffin cover. Wait until the family to ask the night in the situation, someone did not tell them what happened, just say nothing, then go back.

His family heard nothing, went to tell the yin and yang. Mr. yin and yang is very shocked, and the family said: "I checked the day off the wrong day, in fact, Coma back, just today, but he was the extent of trouble, no law to say. Someone can not. "His family came to someone to live, ask him to come again. Someone wanted to decline, afraid of losing the bold fame, arouses jokes. But, to go, then worry about the power can not enemy. So, once agreed to the request of his family, but my heart was whispered. Occasionally went to the street, encountered a demolition of the word, then split the word saw his face, and asked: "You have any thoughts, you can tell me, I plan for you." Some people feel very strange, he How do not ask the prophet. Then tell the story of the ins and outs of the people. Said:

You have three firecrackers, give you, and so the situation is urgent, you put it on. The three firecrackers put, you are safe and sound. But ten million Be careful not to stay in the room, to board the roof, where waiting for him! "Somebody went away gracefully.

To the dead home, someone climbed the roof, waiting to deal with that mischief of the ghosts. In the middle of the night, the coffin was cracked, the sound was earth-shattering, and it was much more violent than the eve. Coffin cover just cracked, the body jumped out. He went out of the yard when he saw no man in the room. He looked up to heaven and saw that someone was on the roof, and he was leaping up and saw that he might be thrown into someone, and someone would light up the firecrackers. Soon, and jumped up, like this toss three times, the firecrackers lit the light, the chicken also called, and the body also can not get up.
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