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Czerny Schiff wrote

Some people say that everyone has a wandering heart.
Some people say that every life there is always a restless soul.
When the city down gradually I proud character, far away in some mysterious things that attracted me, there are always some near I ignored the details, fragments of the most romantic life, most savoured every bit of the fatigued with the journey of online digital agency
The world is colorful. Forest green, Gobi yellow, snow white, the sea of blue, the color is not only, more is life. If you lose any one, the color of nature will be covered with a layer of cold ashes. I am the color capture and record, is together with nature, we together with bright, dark color, maybe I can make the hand wheel color looks more colorful, but also may put on the dark, the hands of the brush who gave me?
Czerny Schiff wrote: water, because of its bright and transparent, its pale blue light and infatuated, the water around the picturesque reflects everything out, put it all looking swaying, we see the water flow is the first painting home.
I think I like the sea, just like I thought I liked blue. Sea with its infinite blue let me yearn for. She unfathomable, be the most changeful. Sometimes quiet, sometimes manic, sometimes gentle, sometimes just fierce travel to Hong Kong and Macau
Later, I found that I was fascinated by the water.
Water is colorless and transparent. Clear, bright, colorful. I love the color of transparent, calm water, slowly flowing water is a kind of memory.
Spring flowers, summer growth, the results of the fall, winter withered.
Year after year in the past, a section of memories in the heart.
These memories add up to a person's life.
In fact, all things have a memory.
Trees grow tall, with rings to remember their own years.
The stone is mottled, with scars recorded their history.
The historical moment of my lonely in the great stone company registration in hong kong

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