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A song to think of you

Listen to a song, my happiness is to think of you, it should make my eyes moist, perhaps my happiness is to you, my happiness is to think of you. Imperceptibly you have out of my world, away from my sight, but you would not enter my black list, ask, on whether I have a place in your heart? Or never warmth Trip to Hong Kong & China?
You know? Your position in my heart, is the friend, lover, or even a lover, for you, I always love to treat, is no one can replace you in my heart, I will not let others easily enter, because you are you, I love you, and others will independent.
I do not know whether you have a family, or you have her around, in short, I will bless you, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and joy. This is what I should do for you, I love you, love you, they will become the happiness of my life, it is no resentment, but also no regrets, only gently, my happiness is to think of you Hong Kong travel tips.
In love I do, but we can not be together, like you, I will replace with affectionate words, it is just a simple love, as long as you are happy, I will be happy, happy with this, maybe I will cry, but crying tired smile, to have learned to let go.
I will not use their own self willed, unreasonable to trap you, with humble feelings to lock you, in exchange for the small happiness. Think you hurt me, I will cry day and night, is you let me understand that love really make people heartache, heart was completely broken, but I still stop the tears, do not want to let you have any guilt and remorse to me. Is you let me heartache, tears, but I will not blame you, just to prove that I love you, for you, I am willing to let go, let you find your happiness.
I don't like to struggle, don't like torture, just like the word free choice, I will respect your decision. I have already opened, will be able to put you down, I would like to make a get a woman, do not want a sobbing girl. This will only get you sympathy, but not to love you, then I don't have a free and easy person, may also get some respect.
Because only to be hurt, to let people understand a lot, it makes me mature, it also let me grow up. To know that he has always been dependent on others, he will always be the one side of his eyes, every day to rely on his sweet words in the survival. If we are wrong, they will play the princess temper, his language is always sarcastic ridicule, spit out some of their implacable words from our mouth. We always don't understand, if he loves you, will you endure everything, but it does not love you, you are not what in his eyes, so we hurt translated, I can clearly see your position, just know and enjoy other people's love, is to pay a heavy price Hong Kong Sightseeing.
I finally learned to disguise themselves, indifferent, unfeeling tone, I must be used, in order to truly protect themselves, not let myself be any harm, others promise and sweet has no meaning for me. But my heart is still the most pure, which is loaded or you. I will not harm as a fall, will not hurt as a revenge. This kind of injury can only beat me, the pain just know how deep love, how shallow hate.
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