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The day with mom call for money to buy new clothes, mom said warily in the phone: "every year you bought last year, are not allowed to wear clothes, or how, you are a black sheep......" I said: "last year's not good-looking." Mom said: "if you can speak enough clothes ugly nick Cloud Monitoring."
My mom at noon do stir fried razor clam, razor she did not wash clean, eat a mouthful of sand. I feel shy and talk to her, said: "Mom, you can eat!" I hope she can find the problem. The mother glanced at me, disgusted face said: "no, there are parasites." Is my own mother?
There is no such thing as knowing you better than your mother. For example, just came to the home of a handsome guy, I installed a lady a little rice, my mother shouted: "do you think that the meal is Sheng Sheng ten times?" I turned to look at the frightened eyes of the handsome guy. Mom, do you still feel that I have nothing to do with you reenex facial?
I didn't buy food yesterday, her husband had dinner, I don't want to cook, I thought a lazy, return home to eat. I was happy to go home, the results of my mother than I am happy to see me, said: "son, you come back just right, home to a few guests, dinner you do, I accompany guests to chat for a while."
Daughter: "Mom, this year's National Day holiday 7 days, I can go back. At home."
Mom: really? Well, I was worried about you and dad to travel without housekeeping reenex facial."
Mom asked me, "why don't you go on a date this weekend?" I said: "it's only love you." Mother comforted me: "probably because you do not good enough, if there is a woman like you, what do you want to do for her?" I: "without thinking anything." Mom nodded: "good boy, my mother likes you, you are willing to help her mother wash the bowl?" Alas, it is impossible to guard against......
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